Integrated Solution to Investing and Living in Canada

We Specialize in processing matters for clients on emigration to Canada from U.S.A., PRC China and Hong Kong 

Our consulting group assists you in:

  • Establish Canadian business establishment
  • Participate development and seek business opportunity
  • Meet federal and provincial government regulations
  • Build efficient and sound corporate structure
  • Tax structure planning to provide the most efficient tax structure
  • Lower commercial risk
  • Effective management system

Providing professional services for business projects:

  • Set company policies to meet government regulations
  • Participate in budgeting and project financial details
  • Licensing and filing requirements for various federal and provincial permits
  • Implementation of business proposal
  • Immigration matters

We may provide assistance in establish a new business platform in Canada, or expand your current setup in Canada, or your plan of joint venture in Canada with foreign partners

  • Review of information gathered and identify issues, prepare first preliminary report
  • Site visits, discussion with various stakeholders and obtain quotations
  • Negotiate for letter of intent, feasibility study of the project
  • Seek government funding, grants, R&D credit, subsidies
  • Identify opportunities for grants and loans from individuals and banks
  • Relational matter: liaison with various governments and building up a solid connection for business development and expansion
  • Arranging receptions, media press release and announcements
  • Completion of business proposal with all the financial details in place
  • Translation needs
  • Corporate & management structure, tax structure to provide the most efficient structure
  • Issues relating to purchase of land and building or other real estates for business purposes and all current and future issues relating to ownership of land including zoning issues, Planning Act issues and re-zoning application
  • All other investment issues including surplus cash management
  • Hiring of staff, incentive and bonus and policy of reward to staff
  • Bookkeeping and accounting and various compliance with government regulations
  • Licensing requirements, provincial and federal permits for various specific industries
  • Environmental issues, pollution and prevention
  • Quality control of products and services
  • Control of inventory and setting up system to track inventories and products
  • Contract or engaging third parties in various setup
  • Various specific rights pertaining to the industry involved; e.g. logging right in wood supply, food processing specific approval and licenses
  • International issues elating to exporting or importing to and from foreign partner(s), e.g. China
  • Immigration matters, including provincial nominee program, other immigration program or work permits