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The Express Entry Program

Since 2015, the Express Entry System (EE), was implemented to facilitate express immigration of skilled workers who are most likely to succeed economically in Canada. As one of Express Entry’s economic classes, the Federal Skill Worker Program (FSW), a 2-step point-based system, allows you to immigrate to Canada in as short as 6 months’ time after submission of application.

EE effectively replaced most investment and entrepreneur immigration programs, and its Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) further determines whether an applicant is rated to be in need or desired by Canada.

This page will guide you through our service of the FSW Program, focusing on applicants who currently have insufficient CRS points to immigrate.

Immigrate for You and Your Family's Better Future.

No matter you are a business owner, an investor, a manager, a parent, an artist or an athlete, we have an array of immigration options customized to fit your unique profile and experience. 

Business Owner/ Manager

with at least one year of managerial experience, have taken steps to formulate a viable business plan, and able to speak in English/French.


who intended to expand local companies or to invest in Canada in real estate and other business ventures.

Planning for Your Children

in which you intend to set up a business in Canada for your next generation after his/her graduation from an overseas university.

Artist/ Athlete

Individuals engaged in cultural or athlete activities, including but not limited to arts, music, designers, singers, actors, and actresses, may qualify for self-employed category.

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Express Entry Criteria

You must score a minimum of 67 points under the following IRCC selection factors in order to be eligible to apply:

Language Proficiency
Work Experience
Arranged Employment

Your level of English or French is to be evaluated with IELTS or TOEFL, meeting a minimum of an equivalence of CLB Level 7.

Your level of education will be considered and evaluated. If you received your education outside of Canada, you must also submit an Education Credential Assessment (ECA) Report.

You will be awarded points depending on the number of years working full-time based on Type 0, A or B as classified in National Occupational Classification (NOC).

The younger the higher! Applicants between 18-35 years old will be awarded the maximum points in this criteria. 

You can get points with a secured Canadian job offer of at least 1 year. The job offer needs to be obtained before you apply to the Federal Skilled Worker Program. 

You can obtain extra points for factors that help you adapt to Canadian life. This includes your spouse’s language proficiency and multiple other factors!

The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) provides the ability to hire foreign workers by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). It facilitates a foreign worker to obtain work permit or add CRS Points.

With our unique solutions, you can apply for an Owner/Operator LMIA which you may choose to apply for a Canadian Work Permit or immediately boost your CRS points by up to 200 points.

Owner/Operator LMIA

The Canadian government encourages foreign investors to start businesses and contribute to the Canadian Job Market. You need to meet several requirements to be successfully considered for the Owner/ Operator LMIA:

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