My big thanks for your professional consultation and service. I just can’t believe it worked out in just 1.5 year. I still remember my first consultation over phone with Regina. You have given me lots of help throughout the process, particularly the kind of mental support. I will definitely recommend your service to people who are planning to come or to apply for PR.
Aster L.
Permanent Residence Application
I can see how effective you are! You and your colleagues have my great appreciation! Thank you for your assistance!
Vivian L.
Dear Regina & Vivian, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you. It comes out from my heart. Maybe, the wording is not meaningful, but during the past two years, we co-work on this matter. It is an exhausting task. You had not given up my case, even the first attempt was refused. With your persistent and invaluable help, I can still get the study permit on the second application.
Edmund W.
Criminal Rehabilitation, Study Permit - Mature Student
Thanks for all your help and your information. It is great and you released all my worries. I am very happy to successfully apply the student permit via MBB. Regina and Monica provide professional advice and they clearly understand my needs. They find effective methods to solve my problems with nice attributes. Besides, they will give warm reminders on the details, so as not to leave any. Thanks for their assistance to make things smooth and successful. I’ll forward your firm’s information to my friends.
Yvonne H.
Study Permit - Mature Student