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A special permanent residency program for Hong Kong residents ! 

Whether you come to Canada to study or work, this program offers a flexible, fast-tracked pathway with certainty to obtain PR status.

We provide efficient 1-stop service from selecting program & school registration, maintain work and/or study legal status for you and your family in Canada until achieving your goal of becoming PR.

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Immigration Appeal

We have lawyers, consultants and paralegals, including a former Canadian visa officer. We speak Mandarin and Cantonese. We understand your culture, practices and beliefs. We ensure that you have the best representation for immigration-related appeals.

Whether your appeal stems from a Family Class sponsorship, a failed Residency Obligation, or Misrepresentation, we can guide you to achieve a successful outcome.

Immigration Appeal Series

Case #1 – Misrepresentation

Case #2 – Residency Obligation

Case #3 – Spousal Sponsorship

Case #4 -Developing Issue: PEI closes two entrepreneur streams of their provincial nominee program. What can applicants do?

Enrich cultural & art scenes

Popular concerts, wonderful artistic live performances by international famous performers rely on the performers and their supporting cast may enter and perform in Canada legally.  Our firm has the honor of helping these famous talented performers to enter and perform events in Canada.

We have also processed numerous applications to facilitate the entry of foreign scholars and religious leaders to participate in educational forums and large scale religious events in Canada.

Bring innovative & high-tech talents

Our firm has helped many multinational corporations in meeting their need for professionals in the field of engineering, science, innovative and technology projects by acquiring legal status for these talents to come to work and live in Canada.

Economic benefit to Canada

With our firm’s engagements and joint efforts with the MBB Alliance team members, guiding our clients, in particular clients from China, with collaborative and cost-effective approaches and personalized strategies, we have been attracting investors and entrepreneurs in selecting Ontario as their city to invest and location for their R&D projects.

Canada announced
new pathways for Hong Kong residents

On November 12, 2020, Canadian government announced new immigration measures to encourage Hong Kong residents to immigrant to Canada!

No one will be disqualified simply because of being accused or arrested of violating the National Security Law recently implemented in Hong Kong.

Enhancements to existing immigration programs to support people from Hong Kong to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

Eligible Hong Kong residents who have completed post-secondary studies in Canada or abroad in the last 5 years to apply for an open work permit, which may be valid for up to 3 years, their accompanying family members may attend school and work in Canada at the same time.

New pathway for Hong Kong residents who meet specific eligibility criteria with 1-year Canadian work experience is being created. This new pathway will be available in 2021, requirements on minimum language, education levels, and in Canada work experience will be announced.

The government will also expedite study permit applications for Hong Kong residents. Upon graduation, , these students will have a new dedicated pathway to permanent residence.

Canada will also expedite the processing of family class for Hong Kong applicants.

The above new measures are expected to be implemented in early 2021, details will be announced later.

Information extracted from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada