CASE #3 – Spousal Sponsorship

The below noted case is an example of the spousal sponsorship application that is often refused by the visa office:

March 2008:  Mr. Liu, a Canadian citizen, married his first wife in China.

December 2010:  Mr. Liu sponsored his first wife to Canada.

March 2013:  Mr. Liu and his wife separated.

September 2013:   Mr. Liu met a woman, Ms. Yu, on WeChat and started communicating with her.

December 2013:  Mr. Liu and his wife divorced.

October 2014:   Mr. Liu traveled to China to meet Ms. Yu. During his visit in China, he proposed to Ms. Yu and they married a few days after the proposal.

November 2014:   Mr. Liu returned to Canada and submits a sponsorship application for his new wife.

December 2016:  Ms. Yu is interviewed by the visa office in Beijing. After the interview, the sponsorship application was refused, for the reason that the marriage was not genuine and that it was entered into primarily for the purpose of immigration. Mr. Liu has 30 days to appeal the refusal of his sponsorship application.

To successfully appeal, Mr. Liu needs to show that his marriage to Ms. Yu is genuine and that it was not entered into primarily for Ms. Yu to obtain a permanent resident visa to Canada.

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