Three Steps Chinese Consular Legalization

What is Consular Legalization?

Consular Legalization is an international practice gradually formed in the practice of diplomatic and consular affairs in order to facilitate the mutual exchange of documents. At present, China and Canada have not signed bilateral treaties or agreements on mutual exemption of consular certification or “exemption of certification” provisions. Therefore, all Canadian national and commercial documents sent to China for use need to be certified by consuls.

The purpose of Consular Legalization is to enable an instrument issued by one country to be recognized within the territory of another country and not to affect its extraterritorial legal effect due to doubt of the authenticity of the seal and signature on the instrument.



Step 1, documents should first be notarized by a local lawyer or Notary Public.

The second level, the relevant documents after the lawyer notarization to the relevant province (region) government designated departments certification.

At the third level, the documents certified by the provincial government shall be submitted to the Chinese consulate general in Canada for certification.


Processing Time

Standard handling: collection on the fourth working day.

Urgent service: 2 working days, that is, the third working day.

Urgent service: 1 working day, that is, the second working day.


Scope of notarization and legalization

We do all kinds of notarization and legalization for documents in China such as:

Power of attorney for real estate sale, power of attorney for foster care children, Power of attorney to entrust domestic friends for handling matters, etc.

Marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage or divorce certificate, single statement, renunciation of the right of inheritance statement, renamed statement, entrust the agent divorce, change custody, entrust the agent civil action, etc.

Certificate of company registration, articles of association, certificate of company bank, certificate of enterprise trademark, etc.